Ocean attention looking for whales

Lorelia was the first service dog onboard the whale watch tour out of Bar harbor. She quickly did much better then most the people on the ship. We didn't run across a whale but we…

Portland Maine attention

Making a Portland waitress day by saying hi. She had just lost her dog weeks before our visit.

The La Brea Tar Pits

Taking a moment for a visit with a ground sloth at the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles. Lorelia enjoyed hangin with the dire wolves and saber tooth tigers.

Morning view from Acadia park

Visiting the overlook for where the sun first falls on the American shores. Lorelia manages to meet up with people everywhere.

Betty White on the set of Hot in…

Meeting up with Betty White is one of Lorelia's highlights. She stopped her performance on Hot in Cleveland and came over to visit with her.

Boston friend

Making a friend on the campus of Harvard. Lorelia made a new friend.

Bar harbor visit

A waiter in Bar Harbor Maine take a moment to visit with Lorelia. She didn't mind the wonderful weather but the rude people did stress her a bit.

Atlantic City Visitors

Making her way up and down the board walk trying to see just what is ok for a dog. One needs to rest with a little massage. It was fun making a new freind along…