Lorelia’s Story


Five years ago we found ourselves with a situation where out two aging dogs had both developed symptoms of old age.  Leica, our younger dog, was diagnosed with ingesting something which on exploratory surgery was found to be a growth which upon removal caused internal bleeding.  That took her far too early for us. In looking for solutions to replace her, we found on the internet a little border collie in West Virgina. We

In looking for solutions to replace Leica we found a little border collie in West Virgina. We drove two hours to make our first visit. Waiting in the waiting area, we saw a little black and white girl come in the door and slowly make her way around the room looking for attention. Our first thoughts where she is very cute and very friendly. But where was the rest of her? She was half the size of any other border collie we had ever seen. Her calm behavior and her loving characteristics were key with the reason we choose to picker her. It was an interesting trip home she slept on Sharon’s lap the entire two hours.  Never a peep or need to poddy. She slept the entire way home. Once home she was quick to make the house her home.

Once home she was quick to make the house her home. She was a surrogate for our other ailing dog Karenna.  She had to be carried on walks and had a special wagon for long walks. On a trip to spend New Years in Washington DC, we learned of Lorelia’s ability to talk. Wild as it might seem. I awoke early to take Kareena out to poddy.  Dressing and preparing to take her out I turned to Lorelia and told her that she was not going with us.  To which she replied NO! I looked back at her sitting on the edge of the bed and repeated the statement. To which she replied NO, again. So yes she went with us.

She started her training and progressed up though the Therapy Dog certification. We then took on two paths with her training a competition class and her public access training. The competition was not really her thing, but she did do very well in the class. She learned to so well that often we found our self-having more issues with the commands then she did.

Her second trip was to be again to West Virgina and Stonewall Resort. She was fun traveling around the lake. She even learned to swim with her mom. It was more of a wade out into the shallow and float. But it was a start. Her mom then went to set her up for swimming lessons. She, of course, did well, but her mom insisted on getting her a swimming vest and more classes.